Empress Esthetic Porcelain Veneers

For as long as I can remember I wanted my teeth to look good. Now they do! I only wish I did it years ago. Female - age 35

Procera Crowns and Porcelain Veneers

All my life my teeth were the worst part of me. I cannot tell you how happy it makes me feel to be able to smile without worry! Female - age 44

Porcelain Veneers

I was never happy with my old veneers. Now I am very pleased with my smile! Thank you...! Female - age 45

Captek Porcelain to Gold Crowns

When I received a compliment on my smile I almost cried! What a gift and a boost to my confidence! Male - age 62

Before I started I thought it would be painful and take forever...What a pleasant surprise that I was able to get everything done in a single day!

Female – age 50

I'm 70 years old and now my teeth have been restored ...to give me the smile I had when I was 20!

Male – age 70

In less time than I could ever imagine possible I have a smile to be proud of. Thank you!

Male – age 39

I always wanted a smile that reflected the way I saw myself. Needless to say I am thoroughly satisfied with the results. This is who I am!

Male – age 45

People used to say I had a pretty smile. I hated how age and wear made me look. You gave me my smile back!

Female – age 40

Damage to my front tooth made it hard for me to smile - getting it fixed was so easy I wish I had done it years ago!

Mal – age 54

I used to be so embarrassed about how I look. I cannot express the relief I feel being able to smile with confidence for the first time in my life.

Male – age 56

It is amazing how different I feel and how many compliments I get on my smile. In all my years in business this was the best investment I ever made!

Male – age 49